Oulu Writers Association

was founded in 2010, based in Oulu, Finland. All its members are professional writers. Association maintains Oulu House of Literature, organizes events around the year and publish Stiiknafuulia online magazine. Associaton maintains Black Hole Network which is an international literature network focused on translating and foreign rights. 

Association organizes also international literature festival Uusi kirjallisuusfestivaali (New Literature Festival Oulu) in September. This is the seventh year. Festival is open-minded for different kind of books: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics and children’s books.

Oulu Writers Association admits Botnia Literature Prize sixth time in 2022. Nominees will be announced at New literature festival. Prize is 15 000 euros.



New Literature Festival Oulu:



Stiiknafuulia online magazine (in Finnish):




Executive manager Tuomo Heikkinen


+358 50 347440


Oulu Writers Association is also cultural partner of Oulu. Oulu is the European Capital of Culture in 2026!

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